"Black Box" set for those who misbehaved

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"Black Box" set for those who misbehaved

Black box for those who misbehaved

Did you behave well in 2021 or badly?) Or do you want to help Santa Claus and know where the child who behaved badly) We will tell you what to give to a prankster or a prankster. As a joke, of course, or as an educational work, it's up to you)

In the meantime, we have developed a box for those who misbehaved and will keep the contents a secret until the gift is handed over to the "bad child or adult."

New Year 2020 is the time for unusual gifts and our informal confectionery is ready to surprise you 100% :)

To whom to give: Santa Claus gives sweets to good children, and coals to bad children ... Is this really true? Certainly. You should have behaved well during the year :-) This black box is a funny joke. Someone badly behaved and guilty? Give a gift! The gift will be very popular with people with a sense of humor and true merry fellows.

We form gift sets, corporate sets (branding), New Year's children's gifts with sweets and rare drinks from Europe and the USA. Delivery during the day in Minsk.


Please note that from the moment of payment for the set and until the moment the photographs are transferred to the customer, attachments and designs are not sent or published, since the design of each set and decoration is a work done and a trade secret of the company.

The design and filling is never repeated, since each set is assembled exclusively for the customer, based on the availability of products, as well as, according to the stated occasion and theme of the ordered set.

The set was assembled on the territory of the Republic of Belarus

Producer of the set Individual Entrepreneur Ilyukevich Anna Mikhailovna

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