About store new.SweetLAB.BY

new.Sweetlab.by is an online store specializing in non-format sets with sweets from all over the world.

Our sets are a complete journey to Italy, France, England, Germany, Belarus, America and other countries through the taste of sweets and snacks, as well as thematic design by our composition artists.

Each set is formed exclusively for the customer and we guarantee that the filling and design will not be repeated when compared with other gift sets of the company. Also, all sets are assembled and completed on the basis of availability and, if necessary, taking into account your wishes regarding the content and theme of the set.

We also form corporate sets with branding and development of exclusive design of sets, filling inside. We form holiday sets with the theme of March 8, February 14 (Valentine's Day), February 23 as a New Year's and children's gift.

From the moment of ordering, all work, starting with decorating the set outside and inside, is the intellectual property of the company until the moment it is handed over to the customer or the person to whom the gift is addressed. The process of forming a set and the filling and decoration itself is not photographed and sent to the customer via instant messengers until the order is transferred. The photo can only be sent after the kit is handed over to the client, since from the moment the order is placed, all the components of the kit and the composition of the box as a whole are the work of the online store specialists.

The concept of all new.sweetlab.by online store kits is surprise boxing kits with secret content that fill a person with anticipation and awe from receiving a gift, because when you know what is inside, it is no longer a gift. This concept also allows you to make gifts to yourself, because you never know what they have prepared for you this time and what the set will be like.

And inside, the coolest and most famous brands familiar and desired by everyone Dr Pepper, Jelly Belly, Bean Boozled, Kit Kat, Lotte, Hersheys, Coca Cola, Cadbury, Hubba Bubba, Fini, Trolli and others can get caught.

There is no better gift than a sweet journey that will allow you to try a new yummy every day and prolong the pleasure of the gift, because taking apart this box is an adventure.