Halloween sweets or pumpkin lantern can be candy

We look forward to this holiday Halloween (Halloween), which is traditionally celebrated in October from October 31 to November 1. This is a traditional holiday that is also called All Saints' Day or if in English Halloween, All Hallows' Eve or All Saints' Eve. I love this holiday since my school with an English bias. Hahah, who doesn't like candy, magic and holidays))

Most of all on this holiday go crazy in America, arranging parades, dressing up in scary Halloween costumes and all as one come out with the words "Sweet or nasty?" or "Trick-or-treat?" begging for sweets from neighbors. Of course, these are mainly children, although as you know, adults also love various masquerade parties with dressing up and events, so it's all a matter of personal desire.

Jack O Lantern Halloween Party черный кот хэллоуин сладости как вырезать тыкву сладости купить минск жевательный мармелад

However, it remains unchanged that these days in stores on all counters and from all manufacturers (production) of sweets, you will definitely find a line of sweets for Halloween. Halloween is a riot of colors, candy wrappers and various delicious candies that are eaten in incredible quantities on this holiday.

Since Halloween came to us from the West, IT workers, developers, programmers, as well as companies that are spread all over the world (have representative offices in different countries) love to celebrate it in Belarus. Of course, other corporate customers and companies as well, because he incredibly unites the team, because we all love sweets and snacks from different countries of the World and holidays from childhood :) Corporate culture, a common organism and the result are such festive events.

 мармелад глаза зубы пауки мозги черви черный кот лакрица франкинштейн страшные сумасшедшие сладости интернет магазин в минске купить

We also like to be creative according to tradition and make handmade or buy Pumpkin (there is a special variety) to make Jack-o'-lantern or Pumpkin lantern with a candle inside. How to carve a pumpkin and what pattern you ask? And our answer is: create and be creative yourself, there is no correct answer to this question, the only thing is that she has eyes and a mouth, and also the worse the better. The main feature of the lantern is the glow inside the pumpkin, which is done using a candle or LED lantern or an ordinary light bulb, there are also a lot of options! Even though you make a fire inside the pumpkin it will be even cooler, just remember about safety measures when doing a Miracle, like Nikola Tesla or Thomas Edison.

 для тыквы фонаря на хэллоуин классическая традиционная тыква как вырезать купить сладости минск

Let me post the source material for further inspiration though. The most important thing is: cut off the top of the top where the tail is, cut out the middle, take out the pulp with a spoon, do not use much so as not to damage the crust and that's it, then a flight of creativity and you can even use stencils if you want super accuracy or you need to cut out Halloween pumpkins for a theme party ... Even with a marker, you can outline a line along which you will cut with a knife. You will accurately express yourself through creativity in this process, the process of creating the perfect and stylish one-of-a-kind Pumpkin.

 вырезать тыкву на хэллоуин фото трафареты хэллоуин сладости на хэллоуин монстры леденцы мозги пальцы глаза минск

 инструкция как вырезать тыкву рецепт с фото сладости на хэллоуин купить минск для детского праздника организация мероприятий

And as for sweets for a banquet, buffet, candy bar or for the reception, or maybe you decided to organize an event for your colleagues or a festive celebration themed on the theme of Halloween or Horror story, and even if you decide to add a new idea for the quest, then we give a tip to the top Halloween sweets, gummies of all shapes and sizes, and scary sweets. Where to buy, where to go, where to find this wonderful crowd of delicious horror films, of course, in our store by clicking on >>>>>> This link.

 2021 минск в минске вечеринка сладости страшные монстры игровой костюм на хэллоуин ведро для конфет

And remember, if you are looking for something scary from sweets, drinks, snacks and not only did not find it, then you can always write to us in Viber or Telegram + 375-44-575-99-01. You can also order Halloween gift sets with gummies (chewing European, American gummies, etc.) using the decor skeleton, spiders, artificial spider webs, blood, witch, witch, wizard, fingers, monsters, etc. I'm sure we'll just make the coolest set and surprise everyone! We invite you to join the team of creative people, gifts and an unconventional, trendy approach to sweets.

"Scary" Halloween for you and bright emotions of course :))