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The best gift for people with imagination and a desire to surprise and be surprised

Good afternoon!

You are on this page because you are looking for the best unusual gift for someone important to you and most likely it is not just a Gift, but a birthday gift.

After reading this text, you will find out why a gift set of sweets is the best solution for a gift.

The set of delicious treats combines the main attributes of the Holiday that will please anyone:

- a gift box (packaging) with a festive decor inside the box and a tackle;

- rustling paper in silence or multicolored paper shavings (filler) inside the gift package;

- a large set of various rare sweets for Belarus and Russia, chips and a variety of goodies that will delight the gift recipient every day

- secret attribute-surprise inside the gift box surprise-box box according to the occasion for which you give a gift set - it can be a gift for Valentine's Day, a gift for a guy or girl, a children's gift or a gift for a colleague. 


A gift set of sweets from Asia (Japanese sweets or Chinese snacks) can be a wonderful gift for connoisseurs of Asian culture or fans of Naruto.

A set of American sweets is a wonderful gift for those who dream of visiting the USA or miss trips to America and want to get nostalgic.

A set of European sweets from France, Europe, Germany and Italy is a godsend for people who are used to giving and receiving only the best, or simply speaking a gift for those who have everything :) Agree it's nice to sip coffee in the morning with a wonderful premium Venchi chocolate.

And finally, the last task of the set is to surprise and delight, as well as to deliver positive emotions and intrigue to goosebumps :)

You thought you saw everything) We hasten to please you: NO, for more details see the article

 We begin to cut the Diamond of the Confectionery Industry and begin with the debut of our "PERFECT GIFT or That Gift" Service.

Sweets are a universe incomprehensible with thoughts and feelings, which madly attracts with its gastronomic combinations, bright colors and iridescent emotions. A well-coordinated team of real artists and creators, assembled and inspired by https://by.linkedin.com/in/ilyukevichhanna, will work with you. Whose activities and hobbies from the earliest years are associated with creativity, creativity, art, travel, desserts, marketing, consulting, communications and certainly economics and processes.

ultimate gift noir gift set luxury роскошный подарок сладости стильный десерт бизнес подарки минск

Also contacting us you:

- Saved your precious time. You rationally and far-sightedly invest the time of you and your employees in working with experts, without receiving hundreds of prices with thousands of lines of information of the same type.

- You made money. After all, we have just freed up time to use it more effectively in order to achieve your abundance.

- You get the whole World in the palm of your hand. You can order the service and coordination of the project from anywhere in the world and we will implement it remotely, since we have the widest network of partners around the world. Interpreter by agreement, oral / business correspondence. By agreement. Also, the additional cost is negotiated individually.

- Received detailed instructions and a description of the product (gift / dessert / present) with the text of the presentation to clients / gift recipients.

- Received a useful and 100% suitable (private) product for your business based on your preferences, purposes of gift giving and the effect you want to receive;

- We got a personal positive assistant who will gladly answer any of your questions (terms are negotiated individually).

- Get a personal QC service. A team works for you with a Sharp critical look at the appearance and quality of the product, because the appearance of the gift is your reputation with the client * the recipient of the gift)
and much more.

To be able to make gifts from which tears of joy are welling up is an art!

The cost is indicated without taking into account the cost of a physical gift and is negotiated individually. We are also always open to new ideas and concepts.
We work all over the world.
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Cute DIY toys for the children's room with their own hands (repair in the nursery)

Even the most ordinary decorations with their own hands can bring fun and good mood to you and your children. We offer you to occupy your child with unusual educational crafts that will decorate the room. 

1. Colorful animals made of knitting threads on a clothespin.

You will need:

- wooden clothespins

- acrylic paints

- paint brush

- knitting threads

- scissors

- glue

- feathers

- colored felt

- markers

- fishing wire (fishing line)

Procedure of actions:

Decorate the clothespins in your favorite colors.

Make pom-poms using pink, white, gray and yellow wool threads. To do this and follow the instructions in the photo.

 своими руками декор на свадьбу милые игрушки своими руками

Cut out a pair of gray and pink felt "ears" and glue to the back of the painted clothespin. Do the same for the pink pig clothespin and add a pink felt 'muzzle'. Glue some mini-white pompoms to a white clothespin "lamb", and a small white feather and an orange felt "beak" to a yellow clothespin "chicken".


Here's what you should get.

 в детскои дома своими руками строительство дома с чего начать развивающие игры для детеи

And remember, in order to support the creative manifestations of your child and make him enthusiastic, be sure to reward him for his efforts, and for this, delicious and bright sweets and sets that you can find in our Gift Shop are best suited.

p.s. it can also become an additional hobby of your child - collecting chocolate wrappers and sweets from all over the world. Collecting develops interest and teaches the endurance of a small person, and also makes him inquisitive.


Halloween sweets or pumpkin lantern can be candy

We look forward to this holiday Halloween (Halloween), which is traditionally celebrated in October from October 31 to November 1. This is a traditional holiday that is also called All Saints' Day or if in English Halloween, All Hallows' Eve or All Saints' Eve. I love this holiday since my school with an English bias. Hahah, who doesn't like candy, magic and holidays))

Most of all on this holiday go crazy in America, arranging parades, dressing up in scary Halloween costumes and all as one come out with the words "Sweet or nasty?" or "Trick-or-treat?" begging for sweets from neighbors. Of course, these are mainly children, although as you know, adults also love various masquerade parties with dressing up and events, so it's all a matter of personal desire.

Jack O Lantern Halloween Party черный кот хэллоуин сладости как вырезать тыкву сладости купить минск жевательный мармелад

However, it remains unchanged that these days in stores on all counters and from all manufacturers (production) of sweets, you will definitely find a line of sweets for Halloween. Halloween is a riot of colors, candy wrappers and various delicious candies that are eaten in incredible quantities on this holiday.

Since Halloween came to us from the West, IT workers, developers, programmers, as well as companies that are spread all over the world (have representative offices in different countries) love to celebrate it in Belarus. Of course, other corporate customers and companies as well, because he incredibly unites the team, because we all love sweets and snacks from different countries of the World and holidays from childhood :) Corporate culture, a common organism and the result are such festive events.

 мармелад глаза зубы пауки мозги черви черный кот лакрица франкинштейн страшные сумасшедшие сладости интернет магазин в минске купить

We also like to be creative according to tradition and make handmade or buy Pumpkin (there is a special variety) to make Jack-o'-lantern or Pumpkin lantern with a candle inside. How to carve a pumpkin and what pattern you ask? And our answer is: create and be creative yourself, there is no correct answer to this question, the only thing is that she has eyes and a mouth, and also the worse the better. The main feature of the lantern is the glow inside the pumpkin, which is done using a candle or LED lantern or an ordinary light bulb, there are also a lot of options! Even though you make a fire inside the pumpkin it will be even cooler, just remember about safety measures when doing a Miracle, like Nikola Tesla or Thomas Edison.

 для тыквы фонаря на хэллоуин классическая традиционная тыква как вырезать купить сладости минск

Let me post the source material for further inspiration though. The most important thing is: cut off the top of the top where the tail is, cut out the middle, take out the pulp with a spoon, do not use much so as not to damage the crust and that's it, then a flight of creativity and you can even use stencils if you want super accuracy or you need to cut out Halloween pumpkins for a theme party ... Even with a marker, you can outline a line along which you will cut with a knife. You will accurately express yourself through creativity in this process, the process of creating the perfect and stylish one-of-a-kind Pumpkin.

 вырезать тыкву на хэллоуин фото трафареты хэллоуин сладости на хэллоуин монстры леденцы мозги пальцы глаза минск

 инструкция как вырезать тыкву рецепт с фото сладости на хэллоуин купить минск для детского праздника организация мероприятий

And as for sweets for a banquet, buffet, candy bar or for the reception, or maybe you decided to organize an event for your colleagues or a festive celebration themed on the theme of Halloween or Horror story, and even if you decide to add a new idea for the quest, then we give a tip to the top Halloween sweets, gummies of all shapes and sizes, and scary sweets. Where to buy, where to go, where to find this wonderful crowd of delicious horror films, of course, in our store by clicking on >>>>>> This link.

 2021 минск в минске вечеринка сладости страшные монстры игровой костюм на хэллоуин ведро для конфет

And remember, if you are looking for something scary from sweets, drinks, snacks and not only did not find it, then you can always write to us in Viber or Telegram + 375-44-575-99-01. You can also order Halloween gift sets with gummies (chewing European, American gummies, etc.) using the decor skeleton, spiders, artificial spider webs, blood, witch, witch, wizard, fingers, monsters, etc. I'm sure we'll just make the coolest set and surprise everyone! We invite you to join the team of creative people, gifts and an unconventional, trendy approach to sweets.

"Scary" Halloween for you and bright emotions of course :))

World famous sweet for prevention during the cold season and for maintaining immunity


Now at the peak of popularity, a new trend for Belarus and Russia is unusual sets of useful gelatins (chewing marmalade) in the form of gift sets of sweets, but in the set of chewing marmalade there are candies of deep black color that immediately attract attention not only by color, but also by a specific aroma.

Manufacturers of perfumes and perfumed waters even add this unusual licorice extract, which brings a cold spicy-sweet, "glossy" contrast to all types of compositions. With this fragrance, you will definitely be noticeable and unusual, because we all want individuality in style.

As practice shows and the conducted research on sales of licorice (licorice candies) of our online sweets store, it is preferred by knowledge workers, IT industry workers, mathematicians and people of various intellectual professions, as well as those people who care about their health and try to consume products that benefit the body.

  лакричные конфеты мармелад минск желатинки черные сладости корень солодки от кашля для детей подарок

However, remember that everything is purely individual and you have two ways: either you will fall in love with licorice candies or you will try to fall in love with them again and again, because this is a very reasonable benefit for the body. From personal :) I myself have tried to love sushi (rolls) for 9 years, making annual attempts and watching how everyone around likes it and realizing that properly cooked rolls are very tasty, healthy, satisfying as a snack, I did not give up hopes of at least eating more than one piece. But my body took them later, maybe even at that time I was not ready and the body did not demand it, as they like to say. I am also convinced that the body intuitively wants something over time and I am sure that you have come across the fact that "I want something delicious, but I don't know what", so for myself I realized that this body wants something that it has never tasted, namely emotions or some new dessert. So why not try licorice (liquorice marmalade) and suddenly it's what your body wants. Moreover, it happens in completely different cooking options, with different flavors, shapes, colors, and there are even such sweets with licorice and iris, where a peculiar taste and aroma is not felt, but a different flavor and taste is felt, which will allow children to fall in love with useful sweetness. There are more than 92 types of chewing marmalade with licorice:)

  полюбить лакричные конфеты польза для организма лакричный мармелад минск формы конфет десерты

Interesting fact: in the UK, licorice is preferred sweet, in Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands it is usually eaten salty (salmiakki. fin. salmiakki, Swedish. Saltlakrits). About who is the ancestor of licorice sweets, there are disputes just between Netherlands, Great Britain and Finland.

The Finnish meter liquorice is the most recognizable and popular variant of the presentation of liquorice rolls with or without filling, which are usually presented at fairs. Pads of different shapes and sizes are cut off from a long liquorice stick of marmalade and packed into bags for customers right on the spot for presentation and event in the circle of this sweetness. Of course, the more unusual the presentation, the more sweetness gets into the soul and it is already tastier.

  лакрица лакричные сладости конфеты metrilakulaatikko mekulaku от кашля для детей


Drop is a Danish word for hundreds of variants of licorice sweets, which are produced in various sizes and shapes. Their use is practically a national trait.

And now let's remember a familiar word that was used and used as a preventive measure in the USSR for sure and is used in every family now. Remembering my childhood, I loved this sweet syrup. So the main ingredient is!

Licorice, also known as licorice, is a herbaceous plant native to South Asia. The fact that Licorice has a sweet root was probably found out more than 500 thousand years ago, but the popular name was given in the vastness of Greece. In Greek, this is called the funny word "glyukuritsa". Glucus means "sweet" and the word glucose comes from the same. In the process of evolution, a couple of letters got lost and just licorice remained.

The way of eating sweet root has also evolved. In the era of the Pharaohs, drinks were made from it, at the same time medicinal properties were discovered. In this regard, this useful sweetness will become a prevention for you and your children during colds, and maybe it will become your favorite sweet.

  мармелад жевательные конфеты подарочный набор мармелада минск лакрица с разными вкусами

And yes, great news, this sweetness can be bought in our assortment in the online store of sweets and chewing marmalade. We also remind you that if you are looking for a certain type of dessert, sweets, drinks, chocolate, chewing marmalade or a delicious gift, then you can write to us +375-44-575-99-01 , because the store's assortment is expanding and being supplemented constantly, perhaps what you dreamed of we have not yet published on the site and you will become the happy owner of this sweet yummy right now.


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